Is an exotic dolphin
The dolphin races through the waters smoothly and freely
The dolphin lives in a magnificent city under the water
The dolphin is very friendly but will become very demented if you are hateful or rude because he wants his underwater city constantly peaceful


Mr. Bubbles

By: Brenna

One La-Z-boy recliner, three golden retrievers fighting over a rubber duck, a twenty-four inch television, and an atrocious painting of my mean master, Mildred Jones. All these things are what I, Mr. Bubbles am constrained to look at since I am a pet goldfish. Now unlike some goldfish who would gladly be picked to become a pet in exchange for a clean shelter and food, I absolutely dread it. The reason is my fish bowl is never clean and I hardly ever get fed. Also I would much rather like to socialize with other fish then be alone in a dirty bowl. But little did I know soon everything was going to change. On Tuesday the fourteenth mean Mildred’s niece Jessica came over thankfully. The reason I am so thankful is because Jessica always feeds me when she comes over yummy flaky fish food. Now as I was eating my fish food I overheard Mildred saying to Jessica that she is moving to Colorado so she is giving me to her as an early birthday gift. Luckily Jessica accepted me ecstatically and took me home that minute. Unfortunately Jessica couldn’t take me home because her mother said no faster then you could say ladybugs because of unknown reasons. So she released me at the nearby pond where I live happily ever after socializing with all of the kind little fish.