If sadness was a color
It would be blue.
As depressed as a flightless bird.
If sadness was a taste
It would be like a water soaked turnip.
If sadness was a feeling
It would be cold as a icicle in the arctic.
If sadness was a smell
It would be damp like a soggy towel.
If sadness was a sound
It would be quiet like someone eating dinner alone.


Hello, friends, I live with my Mama and my sisters, Ruby and Jasper. Mama calls me Patches. We live with twolegs. Or humans. We have a wonderful life as a kittypet. The twolegs feed us, and sometimes let us play outside.
Today, we get to play in the garden. I watched Ruby and Jasper race to the door, Mama walked with me. The sun was bright, but I didn’t mind. Ahead from the porch, I saw my sisters wrestling, but then a twoleg picked Jasper up! They doing something to her neck… (gasp) They’re strangling her! “I’m coming sissy!’’ I mewed, jumping of the porch.
Unfortunately, I slipped and fell on my bottom. I quickly got back up and looked around, hoping no one saw me.
Then I glanced at Jasper, she had some thing around her neck! It was a purple band with a small, silver ball at the front. I looked at Ruby, she had a blue one!
Then, the twolegs walked towards me, they had an orange one in their hands! They bent down and strapped it around my neck. It was choking me!
I started struggling, but then I heard a small jingling noise. ‘Suppertime already?’ I thought. Then I realized I was making the noise. The little silver ball was a bell!
I stopped struggling, and played with the music it was ♬♪making, it was beautiful. ♫♪
Soon, we had to go inside to for a nap. I was kind of tired, but not that tired. Maybe a nap would do me some good.
Good-bye friends, I’ll see you soon.