Tall, determined, striver, witty
Sibling of Catherine, Chris, Claire
Lover of books, music, and humor
Who fears idle hands
Who needs something to strive for
Who gives the shout of encouragement from the sidelines
Who would like to see the world
Resident of the free world


By Melissa

Did you know that it is possible for puppies to be squished to death if their mother lies on top of them? That’s what is happening to me here. /except the human puppy Katie is squishing me.
I’m Daisy, a 2 and-a-half year old energetic border collie who lives on a ranch. I spend my days herding the stubborn sheep and lazy cattle. Also in the picture is Katie, an annoying little human who enjoys pulling at my ears and tail. We live happily together, (sorta), in Wyoming.
Katie and I spend lots of time together. When I’m not out helping with farm work, we are usually tumbling and playing in the tall meadow grass. At dinner, she is kind and slips me food from her plate under the table. Mostly Katie gives me her green vegetables, but here and there I can munch on a tasty strip of bacon. My life is great with Katie as my pal.